What to do if the development number is lost

The mobile number to which we open a bKash account is our bKash number. This bKash number is veritably important for the security of bKash account. Because all the conditioning of bKash number are done from that SIM number.

In other words, losing the SIM associated with the bKash account is a problem. Let’s find out the details of what to do if you lose your SIM or mobile with bKash account.

What to do if bKash SIM is lost?

In case the SIM is lost, damaged or shut down, first contact your SIM’s mobile network driver and take way to replace the SIM. He also called the bKash helpline and informed about the matter. either, you have to take some more important way.

Now the question is if there’s no option to replace the lost SIM, also what to do? If your lost or damaged SIM can not be replaced in any way, contact bKash client Care Center or client Care.

Note that bKash client Care Center is open 7 days a week except public leaves. And bKash client Care( separate) is open from Saturday to Thursday. The client Care Center is open from 9 am to 6 pm. On the other hand, client care is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

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To know the address of bKash client Care Center or bKash client Care you can visit the link https//www.bkash.com/service-points. You can also find the address of the nearest agent, trafficker, client care center and client care by entering the” bKash chart” option from the bKash app menu.

still, you can try to get the SIM first, If you lose the bKashnumber.However, also bKash account can be used in that SIM as ahead, If you can get a bKash number. still, if you have lost your SIM and have no option to replace it, also contact bKash client Care Center.

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will be suitable to turn on the SIM indeed if they get it, If you keep the Leg law on the SIM card. So if you keep the Leg law on the SIM card, you can avoid unwanted development login attempts in these situations.

 Learn the rules for turning on and changing the SIM Leg law

The NID card with which the bKash account has been opened, the NID card and the NID card holder will have to go to the client care center. In addition, the proprietor of the SIM card must go with. That means you have to confirm the full power of the development account. Account sale information may be requested to confirm power.

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still, in utmost cases there’s no need to go to the client care center. Because now it’s relatively easy to recover lost SIM. So if the bKash number is lost, the bKash account in that SIM can be reused veritably fluently by replacing the SIM.

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What to do if development number is lost

It’s good to know that bKash account may be invalid 24 hours after SIM card relief. This is necessary for the security of your account. So there’s nothing to be hysterical of seeing it. Eventually, when your bKash account is reactivated, change your Leg law