Top 10 Actresses of Bangladesh Those Are So Beautiful

Take a look at the top Top 10 Actresses of Bangladesh. So far, the top 10 actresses in all the heroines come from Bangladesh media.

1. Mahajabin Chowdhury

Mahajan Chowdhury was born on 19 April 1991. She’s a Bangladeshi model and actress. He’s presently starring in several television commercials and dramatizations. He grew up in the UAE

Done. Mehrabian is a pupil of fashion designing latest. Mary’s University.’ Third Eye’ is the story of his first play. She entered the media world in 2009 as the winner of Lux Channel I Superstar.

2. Shabnur

Shabnur was born on 16 December 1969 in Navarne, Sharjahsub-district of Jessore quarter in Bangladesh. Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur Manchanam is known as Shabnur, a retired Bangladeshi film actress. She’s one of the most successful actresses in the film world of Bangladesh. Dui Never Alo( 2005)

Shabnur formerly won the National Film Award for Stylish Actress for her performance in the film. He has also entered multitudinous awards, including 10 of the record 13 Merrill- Protom Elo nominations.

3. Purnima

Purnima was born on 11 July 1971 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Dilara Hanif Rita is a Bangladeshi actress who’s known as Purnima in the film world. She won her first National Film Award for Stylish Actress for her performance in Kazi Hayat’s De Did Not Let Me Be Good( 2010).

4. Shabana

Shabana was born on 5 June 1953 in the vill of Dabua in the Raozansub-district of Chittagong quarter in the also East Pakistan( now Bangladesh). Although Shabana was admitted to Gandaria High School, she didn’t like her studies. Shabana completed her formal education at the age of 9. In his 36- time career, he has acted in 299 flicks.

In his long career, he won the National Film Award 9 times for his performance and 1 time as a patron and was recognized with the Continuance Achievement Award in 2016.

5. Babita

Farida Akhter Poppy was born in 1953 in the Bagarhat quarter of Bangladesh. He spent the first half of his nonage and nonage at Rabia Manzil contrary to Circuit House in Jessore. He made Bangladeshi flicks in the’70s

She was a stylish actress. She has won the Stylish Actress award three times in a row since the National Film Awards began in 1975. In 2016, he was awarded the Continuance Achievement Award at the National Film Awards.


6. Jaya Ahsani

Jaya Ahsan was born in Gopalganj quarter. Before acting, Jaya was fascinated with cotillion and song. In addition to formal education, he learned to draw. In recognition of her performance, she has won several awards, including four National Film Awards, six Merrill- Prothom- Alo Awards, and three Filmfare Awards.

7. Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi was born on 26 October 1993 in Chapainawabganj quarter. He completed his secondary from Dhaka North High School and his advanced secondary from Dhaka City College. She’s presently studying fashion design it. The Mary’s University of Creative Technology.

In 2016, his only film Dhaka Attack was released, the first police suspense film in Bangladesh. The film entered a huge response at home and abroad.


8. Champa

Gulshan Ara Akhter Champa was born on 5 January 1965 in the Jessore quarter of Khulna. She met other actresses Babita and Suchanda in the film Three Daughters. She won two National Film Awards in the Stylish Supporting Actress order.

9. Poppy

Poppy was born on 10 September 1969 in the Khulna quarter of Bangladesh. She studied at Munnujan Girls High School in Khulna. She has won three National Film Awards for Stylish Actress. Lux Anand came the Poppy Champion in the Batik Beauty Contest.

10. Mowsumi

Mausumi was born on 3 November 1983 in the Khulna quarter of Bangladesh. Mausumi married Omar Sunny on August 2, 1997. Mausumi oversees the Mausumi Welfare Foundation, his own service association. She also works as a fashion developer.

He entered the National Film Award for his performance in the film. He has won 6 Bacchus Awards and Merrill First Light Awards 6 times.

Top 10 Actresses of Bangladesh Those Are So Beautiful

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