The success story of the founder of Apple

This is what everyone wants today! That he only has an Apple smartphone! Ever since the Apple company has come in the market! Since then, it has remained the number one company! But have you ever wondered how the Apple company was started and who started it! So let us tell you that Steve Jobs, the father of Apple company! In today’s article we will read about the success story of Steve Jobs! How Steve Jobs Got So Big
Company raised!

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple,

a company that makes computers, laptops, and mobile phones, had reached this point after struggling a lot in his life! Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California!

When Steve Jobs was little! He was then adopted by his mother by Paul and Kalra Jobs! Steven Jobs completed his studies in California! When Steve Jobs studied in California! At that time they had no money! That’s why Steve Jobs used to work during the summer holidays to overcome his financial troubles along with studies! Steve Jobs did his graduation from Reed College in Portland! During his studies, Steve Jobs used to sleep on the ground in his friends’ room.

Steve Jobs’s financial trouble was so much that he used to sell Coke bottles to raise money for food! Where Steve Jobs lived! There was a temple of Shri Krishna near his house, in that temple free food was fed once a week! Due to his financial condition not being good, Steve Jobs used to go to that temple to have food every week!

When Steve Jobs was alive, he had billions of dollars in wealth and he was the 43rd richest man in America!

How did Steve Jobs create the Apple company

In 1976 Steve Wozniak invented the Macintosh Apple 1 computer. When Wozniak showed this to Steve Jobs, Steven Jobs suggested selling it! And when Steve Jobs sold it in the market! So they got a great benefit from that! Then Steve Jobs decided to take this work forward! Steve Jobs and Wozniak teamed up to build more Apple 1 computers in a garage to sell the Apple 1 computer! When Steve Jobs started getting great results from the Apple1 computer, Mike Marakkulla, product marketing manager and engineer at Intel, paid him more money to keep the work going! And gradually the name of the Apple company continued to grow!

Steve Jobs worked day and night to take his company forward! And within a few years, Apple became famous in the room of a very big company!

Steve Jobs was not the one who put money on the Apple company

So at the board meeting on April 10, 1985, Apple’s board of directors decided to remove Steve Jobs from all his roles except as chairman! But an Apple official, John, stopped this decision for a while. But Steve Jobs was deeply saddened by such board decisions! And he himself resigned from the presidency!

After resigning from the Apple company, Steve Jobs founded NeXT Inc. in 1985 and in no time NeXT Inc. became famous for its technological prowess! The main reason Next Inc. became popular was to create a software development system. You always see the Internet WWW (World Wide Web), it was also invented on the Next Computer! And the credit goes to Steve Jobs

In 1996, when the condition of the Apple company deteriorated in the market, Steve Jobs made a deal to sell Next Computer to Apple! And later he became the Chief Executive Officer of Apple. And hear, in 1997 he was declared the CEO of Apple! The Apple company first produced the iPad in 2001, which became very popular! In 2007, Apple first entered the mobile market named ipone, which became very popular! And is still very popular today! And
Number one in every mobile! Steve Jobs resigned as CEO in 2011, but he remains as chairman of the board!