Some interesting words and their meaning related

Nowadays we all are busy in internet and computer. Somebody searches the internet for their work! Somebody uses the internet for entertainment! And then someone tries to learn a new computer trick from the Internet! Meaning we all keep doing something on the internet

We always see that new words appear every day in the computer and related world! About which we remain ignorant! That’s our topic for today! And today I will tell you about some such words, about which you may have heard but you will not know their meaning. So let’s know!

About some amazing things related to computer and internet

Dogpile: Dogpile is a great search engine! Dogpile was once considered to be faster and more useful than Google! But soon after, Google became the favorite search engine of all of us and Dogpile became anonymous! On the Dogpile search engine, you can find a lot in a lot of work time! Also you can easily search for video and audio too!

Al Desko: Al Desko means! You have to launch your computer on the desktop instead of the dining tableLolcat: The word Lolcat is used for that picture of a cat! With whom a funny message has been givenAccumulator: Accumulator is a type of register! Which shuffles data and instructions during computer processing.

Bit: The binary digit (0-1) is mainly called Bit! It is the smallest unit of computer.

Bad Sector: Bad sector is the place in the store device! Where data cannot be written or read!

Buffer: buffer is a type of data store device! Which keeps the speed of data transfer between different devices of the computer the sameBag: It’s a type error! Which is found in the programs present in the computer.

Clock: This is the clock that gives the digital signal sthit on the motherboardDisk Array: The group of hard disks, their controllers and drives are collectively called Disk Array.

Dot Pitch: The total number of dots present in the space of millimeters on the computer screen is called Dot Pitch!

Dumb Terminal: Dumb Terminal is that terminal! In which there is no processing on its own! Rather it is processed by auxiliary terminals!`

Netscape: netscape is a company name! And apart from being the name of the company, it is another browser like any other search engine! It is used in many countries of the worldSpam: Emails reaching your e-mails that you have no connection with! This often virus is sent for the purpose of attacking! Refrain from opening such emails and delete them immediately!

Webmaster: The person who runs the word wild web and is responsible for all its activities is called webmaster.

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Van: In a way, it facilitates the exchange of information on a wide scaleFTP: FTP is File Transfer Protocol! With this you can not only see the stored file! Rather, this tool is sure to send those documents to certain places!

Protocol: This is such a standard formalization procedure! Through which digital communication is done in computer networksBrowser: This is one such software! With the help of which users enter the Internet to get information.Hyperlink: The informational word or picture present in the webpage, on clicking on which the information related to that word or picture comes to a different webpage. That webpage is called Hyperlink!