Rules for changing rocket account PINs

Dutch Bangla Bank’s mobile banking service, Rocket is veritably popular. plutocrat can be transferred anywhere in the country through Rocket account. And the main security of this rocket account is its leg. The Leg should be changed as soon as possible if for any reason your Rocket account Leg is discovered by an unwanted person or if you see such a possibility. It’s also a good practice to change the Leg regularly, which protects your account Leg

from anyone differently knowing it.

To admit any Rocket Account service, you need to give Rocket Account Leg No service of Rocket Account can be used unless Leg is verified. The last step in the case of cash out, recharge, bill pay,etc. point is to give Leg of Rocket account. This means that the Leg of the Rocket account is a veritably important issue.
Still, the Rocket account Leg should be changed incontinently, If for any reason your rocket Leg seems to have been blurted or compromised. In this post you’ll know the details about how to change the Leg of Rocket account. You can also find out how to change the Leg of a Rocket account if you forgot the Leg of the Rocket account.

Rocket account Leg change

still, you can change it in a moment, If you know the rocket account Leg. Rocket account Leg can be changed by telephoning * 322# in Rocket Mobile Banking menu. To change the rocket account Leg

telephone * 322#
To elect My Acc option, type 5 and reply
also enter 3 to enter the Change Leg menu and reply
Also class the current rocket leg and reply
Now give a new 4 number rocket leg
Confirm by dropping out the same Leg
still, you can fluently change the Leg of Rocket account, If you follow the mentioned procedure rightly. Rocket account Leg can also be changed by visiting Rocket section of Dutch Bangla Bank or visiting original branch of Rocket.

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Rules to change if Rocket regard Leg is forgotten
Still, in order to change the Leg, the account Leg must be reset first, If for some reason Rocket account Leg is forgotten. The Leg of the Rocket account can be reset by reaching the Rocket Helpline number and also it can be

changed. To reset the rocket account Leg

Call 16216 from the number where Rocket account is open
You have to press 1 for navigation in Bengali language
Press 5 for mobile banking services
You’ll also have the occasion to speak with a Rocket Support Agent
Let the agent know that you forgot your Leg
still, the agent will instruct you to reset your rocket Leg
If you forget the Leg.The information you handed from the NID card to open the Rocket account will be asked for information verification purposes.
Give the correct answer to all the information asked by the agent
If all the information given to the agent is correct also within coming many hours you’ll get SMS regarding Leg reset of Rocket account.
After entering the SMS, you can fluently change the Leg of Rocket account according to the mentioned rules
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In addition, if you go directly to Rocket Mobile Banking Office or Rocket Section of Dutch Bangla Bank, if you forget Rocket Account Leg, you can recover it and also change it.
When visiting the client Care Center for the purpose of resetting the Rocket Leg, be sure to take with you the account that was opened by the NID card. either, if the mobile number is yours but the NID card belongs to someone differently, also the NID holder has to be taken along. And the SIM in which the account has been opened is needed.

Rules for changing rocket account Legs
Flash back, noway forget the Leg of your Rocket or other mobile banking account and noway tell anyone differently. The only security of mobile banking accounts is the Leg of the accounts.

Reset rules for forgetting development leg

still, it could compromise the security of the account, If someone finds out your Leg. So if you suppose someone knows your Leg, snappily change the Leg of Rocket account according to the mentioned instructions.

telephone the Rocket Helpline number, 16216, if you have any problems with the Rocket account or need any help. You can also go to Dutch Bangla Bank or Rocket Office and get any kind of service.