Love Did Not Obey the Barrier of Barbed Wire

Moment, Mahanabami is the main religious jubilee of Hindus. On this occasion, callers from both the countries are crowding on both sides of the Hili border in Dinajpur. Some have come to see Indian icons, some to see Bangladeshi icons. Numerous have come to see cousins who haven’t been seen for a long time. Although there’s no occasion to meet, they’re still walking back from a distance shaking hands.

During Durga Puja, callers come to Hili border from different corridor of India and Bangladesh every morning and autumn. They’re standing at the border and taking filmland without the authorization of BGB- BSF. Every time during Durga Puja, callers from different corridor of the two countries flock then. The Healy Border Reunion Fair turned out to be a walk for callers.
Malati Rani, an Indian public, arrived at the Healy border on Thursday( October 14th) morning to meet cousins living in Bangladesh.

Puja- 3
Crowds of callers from both countries at the Healy border
He told the Bengali Tribune,” Sisters, whoresons, grandparents have all come to the border from Panchbibi in Joypurhat to meet us.” Our house is in Kuchila of Balurghat. They’ve not been seen that way for 20 times. During the puja or to meet at the border. That’s why I’ve come moment. I was suitable to meet BSF and BGB after numerous requests. It’s nice to meet you after all this time.

Still, not everyone is getting the same occasion as Malati Rani. Palash Kumar Basak, a caller to the border, said,” I’ve heard before that standing on the zero line of the border is an occasion to meet and talk with the people of the two countries.” Healy has come to the border for this. But the BGB isn’t allowing us to go to the zero line of the border. So we’re standing by the road line on the side of the border, looking at each other and taking filmland together.
Shatabdi Roy, a caller, said,” Every time I look forward to Durga Puja. I may stand near the border and see some of the Indian icons.” There’s also an occasion to meet cousins again. That’s why I’ve come to Healy border again. My grandmother’s home in India. I want to meet them every time. Is also shown. But for the last two times, the border has been closed due to Corona. So it isn’t being shown. This time I can not see them face to face as BGB- BSF isn’t given a chance.

Sanjay Sen, who came to meet Indian cousins at the Healy border, said he came to the border to see Indian icons and to meet cousins in India. But there’s no similar occasion then. There’s no occasion to go to and from the other side. Numerous people have come to the Indian side of the border, standing and watching their cousins on the other side, waving.
Puja- 2
Just waving back from a distance
” We want the border to be opened for at least a day or for some time during the puja,” he said. We’ve numerous cousins across the border. I have not seen them in a longtime.However, I could meet them and talk to them, If I had a chance. It would not be a problem if it was within a discipline or a sector.
BGB’s Healy ICP checkpost camp commander Naib Subedar Yasin Ali said Hindus from different corridor of the country were coming to Healy border on the occasion of Durga Puja. Some are coming to India to meet their cousins, while others are coming to visit the zero line of the border. Still, no bone is allowed to go to the zero line without authorization. Indeed also, considering the philanthropic aspect, one or two people are being given the occasion to meet their cousins. Numerous are standing on the road line coming to the zero line of the border, visiting the Indian border and watching their cousins.