Learn some of the best secret features of Android 12

Gradationally, the update of Android 12 has started to come in numerous smartphone models. On the other hand, Google is also working hard with Android 13. We formerly know a lot about Android 12. In moment’s post you’ll know about some of the stylish secret features of Android 12.

Game mode dashboard
One of the stylish secret features of Android 12 is the game mode dashboard. Features like optimization while playing games, livestreaming on YouTube or taking screenshots can be set up through this point. To turn on the game mode dashboard point

Enter the settings and valve on the announcement menu
Scroll down and elect Do Not Distrub from the General section
also valve on the Schedules option displayed on the coming screen
You’ll see a gear icon next to the gaming option, switch on the side
still, you’ll see an arrow on the right side of the screen that can be used to take advantage of the mentioned features, If this point is supported while playing a game.

One- handed mode

Utmost custom Android skins formerly have the One Handed Mode point, which has eventually been added to Android 12. Mobile can be used relatively fluently with one hand using one handed mode. This point is especially useful on large screen Android phones.

From the settings, enter the System> Gestures option, turn on either” Pull screen into reach” or” One- handed mode roadway” and use one- handed mode.
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Easter Eggs
Each Android interpretation comes with a special Easter egg. Android 12 is no exception. You can see the Easter Eggs of Android 12 just like ahead by entering the About Phone menu and tapping the Android Version a many times.

After chancing the Easter Egg of Android 12, the Easter Egg contrivance is uncorked. also this contrivance named “ Android S Easter Egg ” can be added to the homescreen.

announcement history

Still, also you’ll love this point of Android 12, If you’re in the habit of clearing announcements. All announcements entered in last 24 hours can be seen through 24 Hour announcement point. You can call it announcement history.

Swipe down and first open the announcement bar. also valve on the History button at the bottom, this point will be turned on. In addition, if you see a button in the Manage title, you can use it through the same point.
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2×2 app button layout
conforming the homescreen icon of the Android phone is relatively easy. This point has been simplified to Android 12, with a 2×2 grid app icon point. To turn on this point, valve and hold the blank space on the homescreen, also elect” Wallpaper & style”. also you can elect 2 × 2 grid option. You’ll see only 4 app icons on the screen using this point. This point can be veritably useful for those who have poor sight.

New media garbling support
Eventually Android 12 adds AVIF image, HEVC videotape transcoding, MPEG- H 3D audio support. For those who do not know about these effects, let’s take a brief look.
AVIF is a kind of new image train format which is much lower in size but relatively good in terms of quality. HEVC and the same garbling system, but for videotape. MPEG- H 3D audio, on the other hand, is three- dimensional sound, which can be used with headphones.

 Learn the new features of Android 12

Advanced sequestration point
sequestration is now a crucial point of any system and device. So three new sequestration features have been added to Android 12.

Learn some of the stylish secret features of Android 12
First of all, there’s a point to give position authorization to the apps that need your real position. In other words, the apps that don’t need your exact position, they will see your Precise position.

Clipboard grain will also notify you which apps are being used. Incipiently, there’s the option to directly block camera or microphone access, which can be set up in the Quick Settings menu.
Long screenshot
Scrolable screenshot or long screenshot is principally a point of taking screenshots of all the content in an app or runner. It has been on other Android custom skins for a long time. Eventually, this point has been added to Android 12 natively. This point can be veritably useful for taking screenshots of any webpage, account, discussion.

Get to know the new features of Android 13

New contrivance
Some new contraptions and contrivance features have been added to Android 12. In addition to the general contraptions, there’s a Google Charts contrivance that can be used to search anything with one valve. There’s a Todo List contrivance integrated with Google Keep. There’s also a contrivance that can be used to add a print slider from the gallery on the homescreen.
Lines in Drive can be snappily penetrated and uploaded using Google Drive Widget. Music can be controlled from the homescreen using the YouTube Music Widget. There’s a new timepiece contrivance that can be customized to your relish.

Google is bringing a new point to free up storehouse on Android phones
Eventually there’s the discussion contrivance, which will help you produce any type of textbook discussion icon. This icon can fluently find everything from new announcements to unlettered dispatches.

Face discovery gyration
There’s a lot of suffering with the gyration of the Android phone in different situations, especially while lying down. still, the end of this suffering is going to be in Android 12. Android 12 has the advantage of screen bus gyration accessibly by tracking your face with the frontal camera. You can enjoy this point by turning on the Enable Face Detection point of bus- rotate from Settings.