I Don’t Want to Call What Has Been Heard ‘mujib’s’ Trailer’: Shyam Benegal

Review has been raging in Bangladesh since the caravan launch of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biopic’ Mujib’ at the Cannes Film Festival. In the caravan of just one nanosecond and thirty eight seconds, numerous people are ever washing down the makers of the film on social media by pointing out colorful miscalculations. Some people are expressing fears that if there are similar crimes in the caravan, I do not know what will be in the original movie.

The director of’ Mujib’ spoke to expert Bollywood filmmaker Shyam Benegal on Thursday( May 26) autumn to find out what he was saying in the face of this fierce review. Sitting in his office in Mumbai, Shyam Benegal patiently answered all the questions of Bangla Tribune.
Bangla Tribune Since the launch of the caravan of’ Mujib’ in Kane, numerous people have been saying harsh words, surely you have heard commodity too?

Shyam Benegal Yes, it has come. The only thing I’ve to say to those who are censuring is that you haven’t seen the real picture yet. I can not suppose of any reason to be so vituperative just watching a caravan before that. The picture is released, everyone see- also I’ll surely get the verdict of the followership.
Bangla Tribune But what’s so wrong with the caravan? Is it made in a hurry?

Shyam Benegal Exactly. I’ve explained this thing ahead. In fact, we had to make it within a certain date to shoot it to the cognizance. Meanwhile, the work of our original picture isn’t finished yet, the editing table is being torn. But in the meanwhile the observance deadline came, so we had to make a’ teaser’ from that untreated work and shoot it there.
So I do not indeed want to call what has been transferred to the cognizance a’ caravan’ of’ Mujib’- it’s better to call it a’ teaser’. I would request those who are now watching it on YouTube or social media to watch it as a’ teaser’. Because, it’s veritably clear that our film is still’ work in progress’, and it isn’t possible to make a caravan for an deficient film.

Bangla Tribune Can we assume that a new caravan of’ Mujib’ will be launched latterly?
Shyam Benegal Off course! Of course in a many days you’ll see a new caravan of the movie. And not just the caravan is released, also you’ll see the whole movie will be released( laughs).

Shyam Benegal
Shyam Benegal

Bangla Tribune We hear that during Sheikh Hasina’s proposed visit to India, the two countries are trying to get Mujib released contemporaneously.

Shyam Benegal I can not say that. But one thing is for sure, the picture will take a long time to complete. Oituku time but you have to give. It’s too late for our work because of the epidemic and the lockdown. And we can not take further than one stage beyond the schedule we have, and we can not finish the picture in a hurry- that is the thing to understand. As a result, if a special event is planned to be associated with the release of’ Mujib’, also it’s important to have a complete picture beforehand.

Bangla Tribune That’s why numerous are wondering how such an educated director like you agreed to make a caravan in such a hurry.

Shyam Benegal Look, let me tell you the verity. Mujib’s caravan will be launched at Cannes Film Festival, at least I’ve noway had such a plan or action. I had no similar desire. But the directors of this film are the governments of the two countries. When they decided that a veritably high position delegation from both the countries would go to the Cannes Film Festival on the occasion of’ Mujib’, also we had to make commodity in a veritably short time. And that is exactly what observers are seeing now.

In fact, there’s no denying that this is the biggest film made concertedly by the two countries,’ The Biggest Film’. It’s a artistic corner between the two friendlycountries.However, how can it not be done? I would like to ask those who are censuring after watching that one and a half nanosecond teaser to keep this environment in mind, If in special circumstances the government suddenly asks us to make a caravan or teaser. And please stay for the original picture!