5 great tools for offline file sharing

There was a time when new multimedia phones came in the market, people used to use bluetooth to share things like music, videos, and photos with each other! When we used to share anything with each other with the help of bluetooth, it used to take a lot of time to reach the other. And sometimes it took hours! But with time everything changes too! And in today’s time, there are many such tools, with the help of which we can send our data to others in a very short time.

In today’s time, music, video, photo or any kind of document is sent offline instead of online to friends or any family member! There are many such offline tools/software available in today’s time! Who can share your files with others without any internet connection!

In today’s article, we will talk about which is the best too/software to share files offline! So let’s see friends! About Offline File Sharing top tool/software! With the help of which we can share any of our files with others instantly.

5 great tools for offline file sharing

SHAREitSHAREit se file transfer kare kisi bhi divice me uski jankari
If you want to transfer any file to someone else’s phone without internet, then Shareit is a very useful tool/software for you in that condition! The most special thing about this tool is this! With its help, you can transfer any type of photos, music, videos, movies, etc. things from phone to phone, phone to PC, and PC to PC very easilyNo matter how heavy a file or folder is, it can be easily transferred within a few minutes!

You don’t need any Wi-Fi, cable, or internet data to use Shareit

The company that makes Shareit claims that with its help you can transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth! Shareit is used by more than 400 million people in 200 countriesIf you want to transfer files from mobile to PC through Shareit, then first of all install Shareit in PC and open it! And after that scan the QR code on the mobile! After scanning both the devices will be connected together! After that you can easily transfer files from phone to PC, and from PC to phone! This software supports you Android, iOS, Window Phone, Window, and Mic devicesThis application supports the Crash platform! With its help, photos, music, videos etc. can be shared in different devices without internet! This is a free file sharing tool! It’s also very easy to use!

It has 450 million users all over the world

It uses Wi-Fi and hot-spot feature to connect from one phone to another! But this does not cost mobile internet dataZapya’s data transfer capacity can be up to 10MB/sec! This tool also has a group connection feature! In which 5 members can be included!

With the help of Zapya, you can easily back up the data from the old phone and put it in the new phone. There’s also QR code sharing and multilanguage support available! This tool supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PCXender is a very popular tool in terms of offline file sharing! Xender has over 80 million active users around the world and supports 30 different languages!

The company that makes Xender

claims that 100 million files are shared every day with its help! With the help of this tool, you can share any format of files, photos, videos, music, games etc. This tool supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC!

The good thing about this tool is that it does not cost you any kind of internet data to share files. This tool also works like a file manager by backing up your data! Through this you can transfer files by connecting 4 devices simultaneously!

If you want to transfer data from Android phone to PC! So open web.xender.com in PC or laptop! Then scan the QR code with your Android phone! The devices will be connected to you after the code is scanned! Then if you want, you can transfer the file from mobile to PC or from PC to mobile!

With the help of this application, you can transfer files between Android devices faster! The company that made it claims that with its help you can transfer data at a speed of 20MB / sec!

With the help of this, no matter how big the file is, it will be easily transferred! Also, you can back up your app and save it in SD card as well

USB, internet data or internet is not required to transfer files through this! This tool supports 31 languagesThe user rating of this app is 4.2! You can download this app of 2.9 MB from Google Play Store! Your phone must have Android version 4.0.3 to download this app!

So friends, you have seen that in this list you

have been told about the Best Offline File Sharing Tool/Software! If you don’t have any file sharing app on your Android phone yet! So by downloading any of these best file sharing apps, you can make file sharing very easy! I hope you will take advantage of this by installing these tools/software in your phone or PC!

If you know of any other best offline file sharing app apart from these! So you share that with us! We’ll add that app of yours to this list! If you have any suggestion or question related to this post, then you can ask us in the comment box. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.