As a social media network, Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter is a veritably popular name. Twitter still stands altitudinous in the social media network’s competition crowd. In this post you’ll learn about what Twitter is, how to open a Twitter account, how to use Twitter,etc.

What’s Twitter

Twitter started out as amicro-blogging point but has now come a huge social media network. Launched in 2006, the microblogging website presently has over 400 million registered druggies. Twitter druggies can only post using 260 characters. Twitter is so popular moment because it’s a medium for expressing opinions in short language. And this limitation has made Twitter relatively different from other social media.

Rules for opening a Twitter account

To use Twitter you need a Twitter account. First of all, let’s learn about the features of Twitter account.
Handle The Twitter handle is the position after [email protected] sign that principally serves as the Twitter username. It can be over to 15 characters long and is unique to the stoner
Name The name displayed above the handle, which helps to find the account by searching
Profile picture and cover print You formerly know what these two effects are
Bio Description of your account in 160 characters
Website particular website or any affiliated link
The features of the Twitter account are known. Let us know how to open a Twitter account. To open a Twitter account

Log in to the Twitter homepage
Click on the “ subscribe Up Now ” button
Choose a unique username
give date of birth, dispatch or phone number
Eventually select announcement Preference and click on “ Coming ” button
Complete the account opening process by setting a word for the account
You can also open an account using Google or Apple account from subscribe Up runner.

Features of Twitter

He opened a Twitter account. Now you have to understand the benefits of Twitter. The name of Twitter’s features distinguishes Twitter from other social media. Knowing about the features of the platform will be relatively easy to use. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features of Twitter.
Twitter A post on Twitter is called a tweet. This tweet can be over to 260 characters in length and can be posted as tweets with filmland, vids, linksetc.
Follow If you follow other Twitter druggies, you’ll see their posted tweets in the Twitter feed
Hashtag Adding a hash(#) sign before any word is called a hashtag, similar as#Bangladesh,# Banglatech24, etc. Clicking on the hashtag will see other tweets posted using the same hashtag
citation Mentioning commodity by tagging it with the username of another Twitter account is called Mention. Mentioning the person who has been mentioned will get the announcement of the tweet
Retweet You can compare retweet with Facebook’s share option. Retweeting a tweet from another account reaches your followers. This is a veritably important point of Twitter which makes common effects go viral in no time
quotation Tweet If you want to add a comment with retweet, also quote the tweet and post it
Thread Connect’s combination of tweets is called thread
Likes Like any other social media, Twitter posts, tweets can also be liked
Click then to follow Banglatech point in Google News also follow

Using Twitter

As well as opening an account, the introductory features of Twitter are known. Now some Twitter druggies have to follow to get updates on Twitter. utmost celebrities use their Twitter accounts themselves, which is why numerous druggies prefer to use Twitter. utmost druggies on Twitter engage in any type of discussion, which makes Twitter relatively different from other social media.

Now your job is to follow some of your favorite people. You can also follow your favorite media outlet, brand, sports platoon. After following some accounts, you’ll see the tweets posted by that account in your Twitter feed.

also if you find any tweet intriguing, you can reply to it. Also, if you write a tweet about a person or brand, you can mention them. utmost of the time, brands and individualities follow the mentioned tweets.

Each tweet and its reply tweets are arranged in a thread. Which is quite an advantage in agitating the same subject. You can also view tweets about your favorite motifs by clicking on the hunt icon.

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Twitter now has a point called Spaces that’s analogous to Messenger Apartments, but only for audio. This means that some people talk and others can join the discussion through the request.

You’ll also see all announcements in the announcementstab.However, if someone likes your tweet, retweets, If someone followsyou., you’ll get announcements. You can also see all the posts related to that hashtag by clicking on anyhashtag.However, you’ll see the trending motifs on Twitter, If you elect the hunt icon.

How to arrange your Facebook profile and newsfeed

Twitter also has a point called Lists, which can be compared to a Facebook group. principally these Twitter lists are created to get tweets from multiple accounts together. still, the use of the lists point isn’t limited to this, much more can be done using this point. You’ll also see the motifs, Bookmarks, Moments, Monetization,etc. options in the Twitter menu.

What’s Twitter? Learn the rules of using Twitter


Like any other social media, Twitter has the advantage of direct messaging( DM). still, Twitter’s messaging point is infrequently used. still, this doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of features in the messaging point ofTwitter.However, you can shoot a direct communication to that stoner, If any stoner’s profile has the option to shoot a communication.

Twitter Direct Messaging point has nearly all types of messaging features. In addition to particular messaging, Twitter also has the installation to open group exchanges with multiple druggies. Note that you can set who can shoot you dispatches from Twitter settings.

So, you know the basics of Twitter. Now keep using Twitter by or downloading the Twitter app.

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