The Best Social Media Reactions to 2022

In 2022, for the first time, World Cup will be held in Qatar. If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait for it to start (though there’s still over two years to go!). The 2022 World Cup was a result of 2026 FIFA World Cup™ given to America as host nation, which will not be ready in time. In addition to doing my own share of research, I took it upon myself to find out what the social media had to say regarding 2022 world cup and whether they liked it or not.

1: Tim McGraw, the most patriotic American of all time.

Bad news for Taylor Swift

Tim McGraw, the most patriotic American of all time, is coming to town.

See, we’re not really sure what year it is, but we know that Tim McGraw is always on tour. He’s also probably always coming to town. Tim was born with a guitar in one hand, a rifle in the other and a bandana over his face because he looked like this at birth:

And he’s been on tour ever since, playing country music for people who love America and the things that make America great. So if you’ve got tickets to see Tim McGraw in concert (which you do because he’s always touring), you’re going to see some patriotic stuff. You’ll get to see him play music that sounds like this:

And then you’ll maybe look out into the crowd and see someone who looks like this:

And then you’ll be like “Wow.” Because Tim McGraw concerts are where patriotism goes to die.


2: Tom Brady, a real-life superhero.

Tom Brady, a real-life superhero.

So there I was, on the phone with my mother, when the doorbell rang. I’m not sure if it was because my mom and I were talking about how the Patriots had just won another Super Bowl (and she’s not even a football fan!), or if we were talking about how incredible Tom Brady is — at 41 years old! — but whatever we were talking about must have been enough to conjure up the magical powers of TB12 himself, as a moment later, there he was: standing in my front doorway.

3: The truth about Beyoncé vs. Coldplay’s halftime show.

On Sunday night, Beyoncé and Coldplay got together in the center of the football field at Levi’s Stadium in Northern California to perform a halftime show so gorgeously choreographed that it made me want to take a break from writing this post to go watch it again.

But what really happened? This is one of those questions that many people would have answered differently before the Internet — who was the star? Who was the sidekick? Was Beyoncé singing live? Who wrote the song?

These days, with social media and search, it’s easy to see what people are saying about things like this. We can even look at tons of searches, too. Here are a few facts about viewership and search frequency for Sunday night’s big show.

4: The real reason why everyone hates Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is a pop star. But that’s not all she is. She’s also a businesswoman.

She’s grown her brand across multiple platforms and continues to release hit songs. But people still aren’t fond of her.

And it’s not because of the music or her lyrics, but because she hasn’t cultivated what matters most: her audience.

Perry has yet to figure out how to engage with fans on social media in a way that makes them feel appreciated and valued. The result: They don’t like her, no matter how many records she sells or how many Grammy nominations she gets.

5: The Internet’s real MVP is Katy Perry’s shark.

The Internet’s real MVP is Katy Perry’s shark.

The “Teenage Dream” singer’s shark costume was the best thing about her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance — and that’s saying a lot. The shark, known as Left Shark on social media, was a bit off his game during the dance routine for Perry’s song “California Gurls,” but he brought a kind of joy to the Internet that even Perry couldn’t match.